Why a Website?
With a weak economy, it’s more important for your business to attract new customers and keep hold of existing clients. With the economy slowly improving, a natural tendency is to avoid extra expenditures. But as markets reduce in size, with too many new competitors, it’s even more important for you to attract new customers and hold on to present customers.
Is a website really necessary?
First of all, the new generation of customers expects businesses to have a web site. One that can, at the very least, supply necessary information and a way of getting in contact. A website has become nearly as important as a mobile phone or fax machine or printed brochure or email or a visiting card. Just as every business man has a decently designed visiting card so also every business man needs to have a decently designed website for his/her business. If prospective customers don’t find your business on the internet, they will find your competitor’s. Every business person has a visiting card; similarly every successful business has to have a good website to showcase its activities.
What a website will do for my business?

Expand the effect of your other advertising efforts: Your website will advertise about your business products and services. A website is like a showroom that is open 24 hours day & night, 7 days every week, 365 days throughout the full year. Your business website becomes an extension of your colourful brochure explaining about your activities. Your website will advertise only about all your products and services that you have to offer.

Website will save time answering repeated queries: Much of your personal time and effort is often wasted by repeatedly providing the same information either by phone or in person. By customers visiting your website, they get all their answers to their questions in one place all the time. So they can then confidently contact you for doing business and not enquiries.

Helps customers to easily find you: A well designed website adds a touch of class to your business. It is like a window to the whole world. International tourists, visitors and business people can see your business profile, without disturbing you. You can provide directions, landmarks, even a road map or a locator providing guidance to your potential customers to reach you first.

Will a website make me profits immediately if it is hosted on the internet?

The answer to this question can be given only with another question. Does a phone or fax machine or brochure or a printed visiting card attract profits immediately? They are all tools of communication. Tools for business communication and promotion. These tools of business (including a website) if used effectively will surely attract new business and make healthy profits. In the 20th Century not a single business operated without a phone. Today in the 21st Century that is the year 2000 and ahead, no entrepreneur or company does business without a website.

Will I be able to afford to design a website?
Website designing packages to suit all budgets. A new starting business enterprise can afford a budget website package for Rs.10, 000/- only. A small size business can afford a Deluxe website package for Rs.15, 000/-. Also animated website package for Rs. 25,000/-. All website packages include Domain Name, Server Space, Hosting and Email Ids.