At we arrange for a onetime free website consultation at the client’s premises. During the free website consultation, clients will be explained the benefits of having a website and how a website will help their business in return. Clients will be explained about domain name registration and how to choose the best & correct domain name that will be appropriate for their business.


Also all other queries & questions of the client relating to Internet,  World Wide Web, Websites, Internet Advertising, Internet Marketing , Getting noticed by Google Search Engine etc. will be answered.

Free Website Consultation achieves the following goals:

  1. It provides client to know about the web design agency and at the same time the web design agency gets to know about the business of the client.
  2. Clients get to see the exhaustive list of hundreds of our clients websites designed.
  3. The current website designing packages and prices will be communicated with the client.
  4. Plenty of website tips and tricks will be shared.
  5. Client will be helped in choosing the right domain name for his/her business.
  6. All the queries, questions and doubts of the client will be cleared in person.

Website to be designed for your Business
Since every website is designed to meet the needs and requirements of the client’s business so it becomes highly imperative & important to understand briefly the business activities of the client. This will affect & reflect on the website design of the client.

We are here to serve you
As part of our out-reaching programmes to reach our Website Designing Services to a wide variety of people spread all over Goa, we provide one, onsite free website consultation for anybody interested in knowing or wanting to know more about getting a website designed and developed for his/her business. This Free Website Consultation Service is provided only once anywhere in Goa.

Magnet Management
At we believe in practicing the latest principles of Magnet Management. This standard is the latest lesson being taught in major business management schools. The attitude of reaching out to your customers even before he or she is one.

Website Consultation is Free
There is absolutely no fee, in fact it’s free. The advice and guidance provided is free without any obligation that you have to get your website designed by us. We will be most happy to meet you for a free website consultation to inform you of the process of making a website to promote your business. 

We are just one phone call away
The Proprietor Mr. Deepak is ever willing to visit anyone seriously interested in getting a website designed, provided the person is located in Goa. You can call Mr. Deepak on 9765610634 and get a convenient appointment fixed soon.